Home On The Strange [2022/026]

Track 26 is now available for your listening…pleasure?

This wanted to start as something else and even halfway through it had a much darker tone (and title) and it was intended to be part three of an unofficial trilogy with “Terahertz” and “Reliquary”. Then I stumbled on those bluesy riffs and the whole track sort of shifted its focus. You can still hear some of the darkness, but the tone of the overall track certainly changed.

Also, I didn’t consider this a finished track, and up until yesterday I even considered making it the second track in “The Low Effort Chronicles” but I managed to make a fully cohesive track in the end, though it definitely lacks finer production values that I’ve been able to accomplish in more recent tracks.

I think the 7 day cadence gives me enough time to either stretch myself musically and make something like this “cowboy blues techno” or “Messiaen Mode 3 soundtracky orchestral” or work on my production skills. Truth be told, I am beginning to feel constrained by the 2022 goals I’ve set. Now, I think I’ve even mentioned this feeling a couple times before, and I can hear some of you say “Hey, IG, just change up your goal!” But you might notice that every time I’ve said that, it seems to be followed by busting out of a skill plateau and I get some new tricks in my bag. I think it’s also important for me to stick to my original goals for psychological purposes; a lesson in making a difficult creative goal and sticking to it.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this semi-goofy track!

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