Reliquary [2022/025]

Track 25 of 40! This is a deep techno piece called “Reliquary”. I think it’s okay, but not as good as last week’s, maybe not as good as any of my other post “I Close My Eyes” tracks, which is where I feel I punched through a little bit of a skill ceiling. But probably better than other tracks in the post “Cult Hive” era. When I started thinking about this, I think you can divide my work so far into “eras”, each era representing an improvement in the average quality of tracks. I think these groups are:

  1. “Looking Back” to “Inconnu”
  2. “Deimos” to “Long Weekend”
  3. “Cult Hive” to “I Close My Eyes”
  4. “Hype Hope” to “Reliquary”

I would argue that this track is dragging down that fourth era as there are tracks from the 2nd and 3rd era I like more. I think the production quality is maybe a bit better, but musically this one feels like a step back.

I got into a basic music theory discussion on Reddit where I posted a comment that would’ve been a decent starting point for an educational blog post. I think I’m going to grab the text for that, polish it up and add examples with some written music. I haven’t done that in a while. Buckle up!

Also, I’m posting this one here a little early, and in advance of the official SoundCloud publish time, as a way of saying “sorry” for the last blog post being so late!

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