About Saturday Sounds


Hi! I am Import Antigravity an aspiring DJ and music producer from Phoenix, AZ. In an effort to kick-start and ramp up my production skills, I am trying something new in 2022.


It is my intent to post a new track on as many Saturdays as I can. Here are the ground rules:

  1. A track I post for this concept will have been written, produced and mastered in the last 7 days. I may use ideas or concepts I’ve had prior to the 7 day period, but no actual production work will happen prior to the 7 day period. This also does not count reuse of various devices, instruments, samples, or quality of life improvements to my DAW I’ve made.
  2. If I start a track in the previous week, I WILL post it on that Saturday. It doesn’t matter if it’s finished, I love it, hate it, KNOW it’s awful, whatever. While my aim is to do the best job I can, I make no warranties on the quality of the tracks.
  3. Tracks will be posted by 2200 UTC on Saturday, which is 1500 (3PM) my local time on Saturday.
  4. This project will be counted a success if I post 40 tracks in 2022 meeting these criteria.

40 gives me 12 mulligans to deal with Real Life. I have family obligations, a demanding Real World™ job, and sometimes I just don’t function well in a given week. That’s a mulligan every month.

Most of the music will be in the broad electronic dance music genre, in its original umbrella meaning. Trance, house, techno, electro, mixes and hybrids in these styles are going to be the meat and potatoes of what’s posted here. I may dabble in rock, jazz, orchestral, or Klezmer chiptune trance jazz. You never know.


Well, Saturday, yeah? I think I already covered that.


Mostly because it sounds fun and challenging, and frankly, I’m not a spring chicken anymore. I’m in my 50s and I have had so many different hobbies that I can do a little of a lot of things, but I’m really not good at any of them. I’m not a person who believes you have to be “good” at something to enjoy it, but whatever hobbies I’ve done in the past, I always come back to music, and I would like to get good at it, for myself.

The best way to get good at something is to do it every day, even if it’s a little bit of time most days. I may never get good, but not doing the work will assure that I won’t.

Also, I’m inspired a little bit by Jonathan Coulton’s “Thing A Week” project where he challenged himself to produce a song a week back in 2005. He had already started a music career at that point, and I have no delusions of doing so myself, so I’m not quite that ambitious (hence the goal of 40). But I have discovered that I am at my most creative when constrained with tight but amorphous goals. “Once a week, don’t care much what it is, but once a week!” checks both boxes!

I invite you to come along on this voyage! I will be posting the final works on my SoundCloud. Additionally, I have a Discord where I will be posting sneak peeks from time to time of work in progress, and also just hanging out and being ridiculous. I am currently on hiatus from streaming on Twitch, but I intend to resume streaming DJ sets and the odd production stream here and there shortly.

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