Miskatonic Surf Club [2022/027]

Track 27 is available! And wow did I post this blog way too late! I apologize for ignoring the blog lately. It’s been crazy and I’m barely getting the time to make tracks, much less write about them. This was made public on SoundCloud by the deadline so qualifies as a Saturday Sound (Remember: BOOM! Lawyered!).

I apologize for that. But just for all (three?) of you that read the blog, I will post tomorrow’s track early as a way to say I’m sorry.

This track started with that massive Big Roomesque trance riff that it opens with, and then the melodies that developed after, coupled with that slight shuffle in the beat, reminded me of surf music, but with kind of a darker feel. Incidentally, listen to metal played without distortion and overdrive sounds quite a bit like surf music. This isn’t surf music, and it isn’t metal, but with the dark tone, and those jangly echoed reverby muted guitar-like synth plucks, it felt like this particular flavor of techno trance is the frontier between both. Hence, Miskatonic Surf Club. I don’t know if this will make the cut for the 2023 project, but if it does, I think that line will get the full Telecaster + Twin Reverb treatment to really drive home the surf sound!

Also, this is the highest tempo of all my tracks so far, clocking in at a pretty lively 140 bpm. So if I want to do that live guitar, I’m gonna have to practice. My guitar chops are not to where I can play 16ths notes reliably at that tempo currently. I could MAYBE handle 16th notes at 100bpm which is a new note every 150 milliseconds and I need get down to about 110 milliseconds (somewhere between 9 to 10 notes a second). There was a time where I could play like that. I’ve fallen so far!

I hope you enjoy this one. The one for tomorrow I will post very shortly!

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