After The Blizzard [2022/037]

Track 37 is ready for your listening…pleasure?

I hope you find it pleasurable, because I really dig this one. I put it nearly up with Terahertz as a personal best. This will almost certainly make the cut for the 2023 album project.

Also, only three tracks to go to meet 2022 project success criteria! I think I can do it! I have an idea for the next track already and will start work on it this weekend, although I just got called in on an incident at the day job. Always when I’m on holiday AND in the middle of a PTO stretch.

So here’s the list as it’s shaping up. This is probably close to what the final list looks like, but if you’ve got alternate opinions, hit me up!

  1. Terahertz
  2. After The Blizzard
  3. Martian Packet
  4. Miskatonic Surf Club
  5. Time And Tide

Hmm. Only 5. If I want an eight tune album I guess I’m going to have to bring my A-game these next three tracks.


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