Terahertz [2022/024]

I am a bad person. This track was on time, but much to my amazement, I did NOT write a blog post for it. It was done on time, but if you only follow me through the blog, I apologize for my tardiness here.

I feel like this is my strongest piece yet. There’s a lot going on, it keeps your interest, has a lot of musicality, and has good production values. It’s by no means perfect, but it is also by far received the most praise from fellow producers I workshopped it with even as I got some solid feedback for improvement. I won’t have time to revisit this track this year, so I’m leaving the suggestions here for you to read and for my edification when the time comes to further polish it:

  • “The only thing that’s really sticking out to me is the delay on the high-hats. It’s sounding a bit too swung out and messy. The key is to add just enough delay and swing on them that you can feel in the groove but you don’t really wanna hear it.”
  • “I agree this is def a solid, solid track just reign in some of those reverbs and delays and especially the pad that comes in around 1:30 and the cymbals in the second drop so your track is a bit more balanced and you’ve got a heater for sure.”

Unless I make 7 or 8 more absolute beast tracks between now and the end of the year, this one will certainly appear on the 2023 album project. It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it!

Another track will be coming this Saturday. I promise I will post the blog for it in a more timely fashion!

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