Evening Rendezvous [2022/028]

Track 28! That’s 70% and I now have a C- on my goals for this project! Even if I croak today I (barely) pass! Whoohoo!

This one is a much more chill track than the last one, even if it’s at a reasonably uptempo 128 bpm, and once again, I think my 1980s roots show HARD on this one. Not sure what to classify this as. It has kind of a house beat, but sounds a bit techno in the bass, but that long breakdown feels VERY trancey to me. Trouseno it is! I just called it #Electronic in SoundCloud because I’m sure I’d piss off SOMEONE giving it a tag of any one of the big 3. Joke ’em if they can take a fuck. 🤣

I’m on a three week streak. I think all three have been serviceably decent, but I feel like my personal best is still in the Time on Target to Reliquary period. I did get relatively concise in this track as I said all I wanted to say in 4 minutes flat. I’ve been in the 5 to 6 minute territory for a while. I have a few ideas that I originally wanted to try in this track, but this one went in a slightly different direction and those ideas I believe will serve better in another future track, so I wound up not even trying them. Maybe they’ll fit #29?

Also, I mentioned a while back that I have a music theory blathering post on the way. It’s taken me longer than expected to put it together, due to limited time AND scope creep, but it’s mostly written at this point. It needs a little more writing and then revisions and I hope to have it up soonish.

Thanks for being here! It’s appreciated.

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