Victory for now!

So after my crisis of faith earlier in the week, I will actually have a mostly complete track done tomorrow, and it just so happens I’ve explored enough of the trance tropes I mentioned to consider what I’m putting out to be a a moderately proggy, moderately trancey track!

I wrote most of it in the main on Wednesday, put finishing touches on it last night, and then mastered it earlier this evening. I’m also trying to do something new; I’m going to put out an actual full score for this track. How many electronic dance music tunes have you ever seen a score for? I’m trying to learn MuseScore, which is an open source music scoring and composition program. Although I can import MIDI into it, it’s not as simple as just dropping the MIDI in and chugging it out. I’m particularly struggling with the percussion, as I’m not a drummer/percussionist and I don’t read drum scores readily.

I will not do this for every track, but I thought it might be a good way to get familiar with MuseScore. I’ve wanted to learn to use it for a while.

The track and its associated blog post will come out tomorrow. I hope you like it. I’m actually fairly pleased with it. No promises on the score itself, but if I do finish it, I will post a PDF here.

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