Coherence [2022/006]

It is my pleasure to present you the sixth track in the Saturday Sounds series! Still only one mulligan so far this year, and that was planned for my volunteer work. This is a prog trance ditty I call “Coherence”. If you read my blog posts for the last week, you can see where I started out sharing geeky music observations, but then went off in a completely different direction in the early part of the week, lost my belief in that work, and ultimately started over and came back to the geeky plans. So, from panic to focus…coherence, if you will.

Some of the ideas I talked about are in here, octave plus jumps in the melodies, syncopated 16th note bass lines, and of course, repetitive melodic phrases and a drop! Of note, I don’t consider this uplifting trance. The melody isn’t anthemic, but a little darker. It’s not full on dark, and there’s some lushness there, but there’s no euphoric moments, either. Coherence is about finding your way and being satisfied with it, but realizing that things are not done yet. Let’s see where the next week takes us!

I am giving thought to recording some live instrumentation for a future song. Not the next one though. As stated before, the studio needs a LOT of love.

I do not have the score done for this yet. I hope to have it done in the next day or two and will post a PDF when it’s done.

[DJ Wankery: 132 bpm, F minor (4A)]

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