He’s Not Dead Yet!

Hey! Now that we’re well and away into the new year so much that it’s not the new year (In fact, we’re already 10% done with 2023 as of this writing!), I thought I would just check in.

I’ve done very little music work this year so far. I’ve listened critically several times to the tracks selected for the album, have notes on what I want to add, change, or remove. But I think I was just a wee bit burnt out and needed a break from the work. It didn’t help that I’ve had several CERT events, some in-person work meetings, and a conference to attend. Add to that we’ve also had a bunch on work getting done on the house and it’s been a quite chaotic year so far!

Oh? What’s that? It’s now nearly 25% over now? Gosh darn, you’re right! This was a draft I left unfinished in early February and now it’s the end of March and I’m JUST NOW getting back to this.

We can add to the list even more CERT events, a 5 day hospital stay (I was REALLY sick, no “not dead yet” was a bit prophetic), and even more work on the house in the list of distractions. Work is crazy (situation normal) and now I’ve got a JURY SUMMONS for next month. Ai, yi, yi! Plus, we’re headed into Stanley Cup season (I’m a hockey fan, if I’ve not said anything before) so distraction central for me.

I’ve not put more work in on the album apart from what I reported above, but I’ve not been laying completely fallow. I’ve been doing some work on organizing the studio, playing keys, and I’ve done a little writing and producing on some new tracks…nothing super big yet, mostly to stay familiar with the tools.

Just wanted to post an update and let anyone reading this that I’m still here, hanging on, and though I still have my work cut out for me, the album is still a go.

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