Onwards To The New Year!

Hey, folks! As we approach the new year, and upon the creation of my 40th Saturday Sounds track, in harmony with the goals I set out near the beginning of this year, I’ve been giving some thought to exactly how I’m approaching the remix/remaking of the tracks that will comprise the album I’m making.

I think for starters it will incorporate more live recordings of performances. My chops have improved enough that some things that I couldn’t play before are probably within my skill reach with a little rehearsal time. Mostly keyboards (I’m quite nearly mediocre now!), and I’ve got some ideas for reinforcing bass lines with bass guitar (and even some plucked and bowed upright bass too? Once upon a time I was a real bassist, after all.) work, and maybe also some bits of guitar work thrown in here and there.

To review, these are the tracks I’m considering:

A couple people in my life have surprisingly shown a fondness for #39 “Indulgence” which I didn’t really consider as even in my top 20, much less album-worthy. But it’s hard to ignore vox populi. If you have an opinion on whether that (or any other track, for that matter) should be reworked, I’d love to hear it.

Also, I think I will be able to spend time to make them a little more interesting. More pattern variations, maybe develop one or two extra themes for some of them. Not needless complication for complication’s sake, but more just things I’ve noticed listening to these tracks. “Hey, a new bass figure here would be neat”, “maybe syncopate this a little more”, “Smooth out this sound a little”.

Anyway, onwards and upwards to 2023! May the worst of your 2023 be better than the best of your 2022.🥂

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