Making Some Changes

Hey there! Just to let you know, I’m making a few changes to the Saturday Sounds playlist. I am re-uploading all of the tracks that I’ve put here that are not already in a lossless format. Additionally, I am enabling direct download from Soundcloud. These tracks are all issued under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, so you are free to download for personal use, up to and including sampling, remixing, and re-sharing, as long as your redistribution is also with the same license.

If you want to use them for another purpose, including any and all commercial purposes, you will need a separate license from me. Feel free to send me a personal message on SoundCloud if you are interested in commercial use.

Also, I don’t promise that all or any of this playlist will be available in perpetuity. I specifically will likely remove the tracks I pick for my album project for download or listening from SoundCloud sometime in 2023. So if there’s anything you want to keep listening to, now is the time! If the track you want isn’t available for download yet, give me time. I’m still working on it. I will guarantee access up until at least sometime on 31 January, 2023 my local time (Arizona).

Addendum: There are two “bootleg” remixes in this project. For what I hope are obvious reasons, they will not be included in this free download deal. Also, they are marked as “All Rights Reserved” and could be taken down without notice since strictly speaking I didn’t have the right to make them in the first place!

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