The Boot [2022/033]

Track 33 is a little ditty called “The Boot”. Sorry for the late blog post. I need to remember to write it and set it up to auto-post.

The title comes from the picture. I’ve taken to late night walks in my neighborhood and once I was walking past a self-storage place at about midnight and I found this one boot sitting in the sidewalk part of the driveway. It seemed so alone just sitting there at night. It was a little beat up but looked still serviceable so I don’t know if it fell out of trip-trap someone was bringing in or out of the storage place, or if some poor meth-head had a freakout right there and felt the need to shed just one piece of footwear.

So, instead of it meeting what I assumed was an ignominious fate when whoever runs the storage place likely disposed of it the next morning, I decided to honor it with a portrait and a song, fitting of a warrior’s death.

7 more tracks to go! I’ve (just) started working on #34, so I will go into November with my October mulligan in my pocket. This next one I’m just going to go have fun with. I’m not setting out to learn anything and it’s shaping up to sound like old school peak techno. Melody? Key? What’s that shit?

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