Martian Packet [2022/032]

New track! I keep posting these late, but if you read the last one that was late, you’ve had access to this one for quite a while!

This one started in a wildly different manner than my usual, and that might account for it sounding a little different from my usual. I built up a template of undefined and unspecified “events” that would happen in this tune, from top level, down to single sound events that would occur at different places.

I then sketched in percussion, then came up with a simple bass line, and then devised a few repeating sound figures and melodies, then just started constructing it Lego style! Added automations to many sound parameters to build and release tension.

When I got to the point that everything was in place, I then smoothed out what I had, which required a few small deviations to the starting template, added a little more percussive flavors, and then I was mostly done.

But after that, I felt the track needed a little extra “something something” to really give it a nice climax. I thought some vocals would do nicely, but I don’t really sing, so off to Freesound I went. I thought some nice ahh/ohh vocals would be good, so I was looking for something that sounded good and stumbled across this one. My piece was in E, and this was in C, but a simple pitch up 4 steps, a little tempo change, and it was pretty much good to go! Thanks to Casonika for giving me that last little push into something I’m satisfied with!

I am working on a track for this week, so the streak will continue!

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