The Blog Ate My Homework

Apologies for the brevity of yesterday’s track post. I just noticed last night that basically all it has is the SoundCloud frame and “Track #22 is in the can!”

Well, no shit? I actually had a few paragraphs written for yesterday’s post, but I has some weird issue with posting it. I went back and edited the draft again, and then posted it and that worked. But WordPress got confused and apparently only kept a very early draft of the post.

So today’s blog is the make-up blog for yesterday’s over-terseness! First, here’s another link to the track:

Yesterday’s track is called “Hype Hope” and it is track 22, or we are at 55% progress in this project. One more track and I get a D-!

I wrote this for inclusion in a Twitch buddy’s multi-genre music project whose overall theme is “Hype”. So I did this prog-house trance thing for it. I call it “Hype Hope” for reasons I’ll leave for you to interpret. Some ideas to get you going:

  • “Hype” is a verb, “Hope” is a noun, and we should work to be more hopeful in our lives.
  • “Hype” and “Hope” are both nouns, and it’s a commentary on media.
  • “Hype” is a noun, “Hope” is a verb, and it’s my hope that this track is hype-worthy.
  • “Hype” and “Hope” are both verbs, and it’s a command from me to you.
  • “Hype Hope” is play-on-words for “Hip Hop”.
  • I couldn’t think of any better way to use the “Hype” theme in an instrumental piece than to pick a near sounding word.
  • I just liked how they sounded together.

SPOILER: They’re ALL true.

So this track I’m actually kind of happy with overall, both musically, and from a production standpoint. I think this one definitely is a strong contender to get more love for the 2023 album project. I hope you enjoy it as well!

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