Mulling the Mulligan

So, as I reported last week, I have COVID. I feel better than last week, but focus is still really hard to come by. I tried to do some day job work today, but an hour of meetings, then about 20 minutes of doing some easy stuff, and I had to go back to bed.

I have ideas for tunes, but they will also need focus and I don’t know if I will be able to summon the combination of focus plus time even if I get better. Work work is stacking up and when I DO feel better, I will be in catch-up mode.

If I do take a mulligan, it’s my June mulligan, so that’s not awful, but I also won’t be even halfway through July yet and that will require a good streak to get back ahead. 8 Saturdays ahead with only 2 mulligans left for them. I’m at 21 of 40, and I’d like to be doing track 40 in early December if I could. Right now, if I never take a Mulligan again, track 40 hits on 12 November. Current pace has me ending on December 17, and I have to end on December 31.

Will I make it? It looks good now, but the second half of 2022 is shaping up to be busier than the first half, so we shall see!

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