I Close My Eyes [2022/021]

Track 21 of Saturday Sounds is “I Close My Eyes”, my second remix, this time of The Smithereens’ “Blood And Roses”. I took a techno spin on this 1980s pop rock classic. The iconic bass line and the haunting vocals are what makes this song great, so they both feature prominently in this track.

We’ll see how long I get to keep this up. It’s a bootleg remix in the truest sense of the phrase. This is a little more mainstream than my last bootleg remix so it may draw the ire of the big labels. Maybe I can get permission to keep it up?

I came down with COVID a couple days ago. I felt like complete shit yesterday, but I’m a little better today. Hopefully this won’t be any worse than a bad cold. My only concern is my tinnitus has spiked and the reading I’ve done is that sometimes that doesn’t go away. I hope that’s not my case, but it’s very distracting right at this moment.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my take on this track. Hopefully I can keep working!

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