And Some Thoughts…

The last month has been crazy, and I really haven’t posted much in the blog apart from the track posts. If you’ve been following along, you know I kind of lost my shit a month ago. I am in a better place this month. I think work, personal, and music pressures were all getting to me, stacked on top of April 15 being my Dad’s first birthday after his death. My dad was by no means a spring chicken, but his death at 77 took me by surprise. He had health issues in the past, but he had really been in great shape and was in fact traveling when he got sick the week before his death. I’ve worked on getting my head straight this last month.

I also recall saying that I wanted to discuss “Escarpment” during my “meltdown recovery” post. I’m listening to it right now and for the life of me I can’t remember what I wanted to say about it! Strike while the iron is hot, I suppose, but I didn’t have the energy to swing the hammer then so what’s a guy to do? Sorry about that. I think I used a variant of THE LICK in it, so go see if you can find it.

I mentioned a while ago that I was about to rebuild the studio. That did not happen as I wound up cancelling my PTO from the day job. But I am on PTO this week, so that studio rebuild should be happening this week.

When the studio is back online, I intend to practice instruments (keys, bass, and guitar in that order) and also knock the rust off of my DJ skills. By the end of June, I’d like to get back to doing DJ streams on Twitch, although I won’t be able to do my old schedule. I think I’ll have to do like a once a week thing for 3 hours or so if I still want to make new tunes. By September or October I may introduce some live instrument improv along with the DJing. I think it might be fun to comp a little bass or some keyboard riffs into my mixes.

I’ve also noticed that I’m on a seven week track streak. Remember when I was hoping I’d be able to go into May with my April mulligan in my back pocket? Well, now we’re into June and I still have April’s! My next track will be 50% complete to my goal, and the middle of the year is not for 4 weeks. This could be like talking about a no-hitter in the 8th inning or something, but I am making tunes when I have the ideas, and I’m not (that) worried about missing a week. With that said, with the studio work happening this week, even with the time off, I’m not sure I’ll have the mojo to come up with a new project this week. We’ll have to see.

I find that I am more interested in writing songs and wish even more that I had spent time developing my singing voice when I was younger. It’s apparent that I’m probably going to be spending money on Fiverr and its ilk soon, since I don’t really know any singers now. Probably not this year, as a 7-day start to finish schedule generally doesn’t lend itself well to collaborative work. But someday.

I think this kind of catches you up on the behind the scenes stuff! See you starside!

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