Space Karen [2022/018]

Today’s ditty is me spreading my wings and attempting “vocals”. You may recall my last foray into voice work playing around with vocoders originally. That track started out intending to be this one, but time constraints kept me from finishing it, so I wound up using what I had done in that unfinished track, which still yielded me a useful concept of “The Low Effort Chronicles” as something to subtitle any incomplete track I publish here.

I did not break my 7 day production pledge. This latest track only inherited the lyrics I intended for the original “Space Karen” but I never had the time to develop the music I had in mind then. Concepts, ideas, sounds, and samples might get reused. Actual writing and production are the only two things time-bound.

I try to keep the political/culture war content of this blog to a minimum. I made no such guarantees with my music. However, I feel the need to comment on my cover art. I am 100% aping off the “Space Karen” meme and not in any way condemning, criticizing, or slamming transgender people. I’m a full supporter of trans-rights.

Any opprobrium is completely directed at the way overhyped Tesla/SpaceX dude and his entitled know-nothing vibe. He is the poster child of someone who thinks because they may be smart in one field, they’re smart in all of them. I know this type of person…I used to be one. The problem is that he’s apparently won the “I’ve never had to learn a lesson about that the hard way by being dealt a heavy loss or just plain having my ass beat for it” lottery and seems to believe his own hype.

It’s a little late for the Space Karen meme, but with him trying to buy Twitter now it seemed fitting. Assuming more than 20 people ever hear this song, I’m looking forward to being called a pedo in a future tweet.

Anyhow, since I can’t sing worth a shit, I thought the theme of this song lent itself to a full vocoder rendering. I’m thinking about experimenting with more vocals in the future. I tend to prefer female vocals in the kinds of music I’m trying to write and produce, though, so I might have a shell out a few kopeks on Fiverr or something if I want to do future songs. I can’t lean into the vocoder forever! I suppose I could learn to sing. Maybe if I were made of time I’d do that. So, if anyone out there wants to support me in the manner in which I plan to be accustomed, I’m in!

Anyhow, I hope you at least get a chuckle out of this one. I kind of like this one musically. Also, if you listen, see if you pick up the musical joke I tossed in during the final verse.

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