City (E)scapes [2022/017]

“City (E)scapes” is the title of my latest track, in the no-man’s land between trance, house, and techno.

I feel like this one is not bad, but kind of lacks musically. I couldn’t devise any extra counterpoint or textures I was satisfied with, so I wound up keeping this mostly as it is here. I’m not in love with the portamento lead synth sound, but I do like how the bass rhythm pulls together here and I like the aggressive tone of the track overall. This might be the first track in this project where I am happier with the production values than the compositional values. It feels present to me, like a more professional track, unlike some of the ones I have where I’m happy with the music direction but my production skills hold me back more.

Hopefully I’m not far from getting one done I like in both spheres!

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