When you stare into The Abyss…

I thought about taking down my latest track post and reposting it with a more traditional track post where I talk about the music, or my plans, or yammer about musical minutiae, but part of this project is dealing with the bad things too. I thought in a previous post I said I would share the good, the bad, and the ugly, not just from music but from the whole process. I can’t seem to find that post at the moment, but it’s still my intention regardless. So it stays up.

To clarify: I am NOT giving up on the music. Honesty time: I have generalized anxiety and major depressive disorders. I have it managed reasonably well most of the time, but I’ll be honest that it’s becoming more difficult in this last month. What you witnessed in the previous post was me in the dark pit. I am still in a deep funk, but I have managed to crawl at least into a place where I can see some light.

The little part of me that can still see the person I want to be instead of the person I am wants to discuss today’s track a little bit. I was hoping to do that now, but I’m just not there yet. Maybe tomorrow?

Even if I don’t post tomorrow, I’m still here, and I’m hoping to put another track out Saturday.

Thanks for your understanding.

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