There Will Be A Test [2022/014]

The fourteenth track of Saturday Sounds is deathless music that will be destined to be a classic. Musicologists will plumb its depths for centuries, finding the levels of nuance in which I, Import Antigravity, have embedded into the finest composition yet created by humanity.

Seriously, though, this is the first track I simply could not finish in time for Saturday Sounds, but true to my promise, I will release things in whatever state I find them. I could take a mulligan, but that would a) not be true to the spirit and the letter of the pledge I made at the beginning of the year) and b) I really wanted to head into May with that mulligan in the back pocket. I had some other ideas for this track, but there was simply too much life in the way this week to put the proper effort into this track.

Although I jokingly refer to it as part of “The Low Effort Chronicles”, there actually was quite a bit of effort. I actually have lyrics for a satire song I still want to write poking fun of a certain billionaire who is buying the social media company whose name rhymes with “skitter”. Additionally, I was experimenting with voice recording and vocoder effects. After last week’s foray into the depths of music theory, I wanted to change it up and learn more technical stuff. Alas, most of that time spent didn’t translate into the final track. I *did* learn a lot, but not in time to incorporate it into a real track.

I don’t expect anyone to actually like this (I never do, really), but I still think it’s kind of funny, goofy, and silly. Sooo, you get a track with me saying “this is a test” in a lot of different ways. I hope you at least enjoy the dumb fun of it.

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