Life and Other Things

Here it is Wednesday, and I’ve not really done anything yet! I have ideas, but this week has been super busy and additionally, my insomnia is back with a vengeance. I acquired a bunch of samples and synths over the weekend and spent some time organizing those in Ableton, but I’ve not done any actual track work. If I don’t do the work, that would be my March mulligan, but only barely into April. I would have to get the next 4 in a row done in April if I wanted to get to May with the April mulligan in my pocket.

I am starting to socialize (promote?) my tracks in more places, and I’m getting more listens and some very nice compliments and constructive feedback as well. I’m also learning more mixing and mastering tricks and tips. I think I’m hitting a point where I might need more formal and individualized mentoring. I’m running out of known unknowns and am approaching where there I need exposure to more things I don’t know and can’t find for myself in a reasonable time frame.

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