Crazy Times!

Sorry for the lack of blogiating. It’s been a super-busy couple of weeks and I’ve not had time to write prose much. However, there IS a tune coming tomorrow, come hell or high water! It still needs a final mix in the studio, but the track is basically finished. You can preview it in the usual place if you are curious. If I somehow do not get to the mixing, the preview is already set to be the final track tomorrow.

So, 10 of 40. A quarter the way done, and a quarter the way through the year. I am keeping pace, and in terms of weeks, the first quarter is the shortest one comprising 90 days (versus 91 or 92 for the others), I am ever so slightly ahead. I will go into April with my March mulligan in my pocket.

In a couple weeks, the studio is getting rebuilt. This latest incarnation was SO close, but still not right, but it needed to happen to get to this upcoming plan. Once it is done, I am hoping to start streaming DJ sets on Twitch after a couple practice sessions. I’ve not really touched the decks since November, so I’ll bet I’m extremely rusty.

I am pretty happy with the results on this new track. It feels alive to me and I’m hoping it will be really nice once I throw it on the monitors and finish tweaking it. I hope you will enjoy it too!

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