Check in

So this is my first unscheduled mulligan week and it feels weird not having anything to share or a blog post to write, bloviating about music minutiae that really isn’t all that interesting.

So instead of writing this post while I listen to my latest track, I am listening to the Saturday Sounds playlist. I have some distance from most of them at this point and am away from being hip deep living and breathing them.

They are all VERY fucking far from perfect, but I’m currently listening to “Inconnu” which you may recall I was particularly dissatisfied with. There’s some nice ideas in there though, and I was maybe too harsh on it. The first four tracks I feel, while aren’t great, are at least listenable. I’m looking forward to 2023 where maybe I can remix some of these and make them shine.

I figure I’ll probably skip “Mothership Returns” when I get there, though. It was more just me farting around with some of my weirder samples, a DTMF generator, and random Ableton automations.

You can definitely tell I’m a child of the 1980s, though. Man, I do seem to like those New Wave-y old-school synth sounds. I should get my DX-100 fixed and double down! Can’t believe I threw away my Roland TR-505. It was in rough shape, though. Eh, it’s not like it was one of the REALLY good Roland drum machines.

Also, I think I’m going to put my remix on hold for the time being. Instead, I think I will be working up a track where I use my newly acquired Ableton Push 2 (link is from because at the time of this writing, all of Ableton’s web site is serving 404s. I think they need to embrace some DevOps culture!) to do some new stuff. It’s supposed to come today, assuming UPS coƶperates.

PS: I actually listened to “Mothership Returns”. It’s pretty fucking goofy, but still kind of dumb fun.

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