Mulligan Week #2

So I am confirming that this week will be a mulligan week. The first one was kind of planned so I think that works okay. This week has been super-busy and rough and I just don’t have the time or the mojo to kick a track out this week. This would be my February mulligan and I’m taking it mid-March so I’m still somewhat ahead of the game. I like having a spare in my back pocket though so I’m hoping to not take one for a while after this.

However, I do have a plan for next week’s track, and I am going to do my first “bootleg remix”! I found a kind of obscure early 80s song that we would probably call “synthwave” these days and the lyrics are pretty creepy and stalkery. So much so that it makes “Every Breath You Take” actually look like a love song that some people mistake it for in comparison.

I have been preparing samples from the track for use in my remix already, though. But hold! Did I not say that all production work would be done in the seven days before release? You are absolutely correct. But I do not count samples as production work, if you will recall. BOOM. Lawyered again!

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