And an addendum…

So I got so focused on getting the blog post out for the last track and my geeky exposition about the title origins that I also forgot more geeky expositions…this time about the record graphic art.

Now, I’m not really a graphic designer. I think that’s kind of obvious. Not that I think what I do is terrible, but drawing, painting and graphic design are yet another one of those hobbies that I dabbled in for years but never really got good at. While I’ve winnowed down my hobbies to hobby singular, namely music, I can make “album art” for my tracks. Enter the graphics!

I do them because they’re fun. Some are better than others, but this one was kind of fun. As it happens I was watching the ISS Earth feed on YouTube while doing this artwork, and I looked up and saw the image much like you see in the cover art. I backed it up to get a better frame grab and voila! A nine-shaped cloud, viewed from space. Fits the themes of many of my other covers, and also fit the title. More serendipity!

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