Declination [2022/008]

I am pleased to present to you the eighth Saturday Sounds track: “Declination”.

Musically, I’m actually pretty happy with this. The production side still needs some work, IMO, but I just ran out of time. I started with a slightly more complex harmonic idea than usual, which required more composition work after that, leaving less time for the final production aspects. I think the final mix is a a bit rough, and I think a few parts could need some rearrangement. I hope you like this one!

I think a new post-2022 goal is coalescing. I am going to take what I feel are the top 8 to 10 most promising Saturday Sounds tracks, go deep on them, and make remixes/remasters of them to make them really shine as much as I can, so that by the end of 2023 I have 10 tracks I can point to and say “I made an album!” I think this track is currently in that top eight. Of course, I only have eight, so I guess they’re all there now. Not sure if any of the others are quite special enough to warrant that treatment. Maybe “Antique Land”?

[DJ Wankery: 131 bpm, E minor (9A)]

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