ICEBERG! Right ahead!

So, the track I’m cooking right now doesn’t really have any trance tropes in it. “But YOU said…!” I know, I know. I will offer double your money back refunds!

I think the reality is I write these posts to get my analytic brain invested in thinking about music, but then when I actually sit down to do music, the creative brain says “Nah uh! I wanna do this!” I suppose that’s okay, but the beat I have is more house-like than trance. Maybe some trouse?

I’m considering the advantages and disadvantages of this approach. On one hand, I am trying to instill a bit of discipline in my music making, and following through with what I want to work on might be best. On the other hand, if I get what I feel is a good idea, do I abandon it for now and consider it fodder for a future non-Saturday Sound? Recall that part of the deal here is to do ALL the production work within the seven day window, so if I switch gears, nothing I cut can be in a future Saturday Sound.

On the gripping hand, The seven day rule represents a relatively strong discipline already which challenges my ability to deliver. Perhaps tying myself to ideas I have in blog posts is a little TOO much discipline if I’m going to meet the goal I have set.

I would love to have some input on this question, so feel free to speak your mind.

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