No Mulligans yet, but…

So this week I’ve been a little dry on musical ideas for Saturday Sounds. It’s been hard to put away my remix idea I’ve had for an old trance classic, which will NOT be a Saturday Sound, because I love this piece so much I don’t want to cut any corners. As you may recall, every Saturday Sound track is supposed to be pretty tightly bound in time. I can have the ideas for a track in advance, but each track all production work must occur in the seven days before the Saturday the track is to be made public.

The first four tracks, I had the whole concept roughed in by Monday or Tuesday, shared with a few producers for feedback by around Thursday, and then I usually incorporate the feedback and any final tweaks by Friday or Saturday morning for release by mid afternoon. Today is Thursday, and I’m at the point I am usually at by Sunday or Monday.

But, I also promised that IF I work on a track, I will release it, no matter how excrementally bad or unfinished it is. I am unlikely to have a mostly finished track by release day. I think there’s some interesting musical ideas in this one, but they are not fully formed, and the production work so far is VERY rough.

Next week, unless some fever dream possesses me, I intend to take a mulligan as I am doing some volunteer work for my city starting at oh dark thirty that Saturday, and I’m otherwise working a normal workweek so getting anything done on Friday is unlikely as I have to be in bed way earlier than my usual time.

I won’t be idle, though. I will use the time I would for a Saturday Sound to work on that remix!

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