Inconnu [2022: 4/40]

The fourth track this year is a techno-like thing called “Inconnu”. I think this has a lot of potential, but I’m not altogether happy with it, and nor was it a more obscure harmonic experiment that I wanted to do. I did throw a little sitarish dominant Phrygian lick in the middle of the breakdown, which I think is fun, but I don’t know if it completely works. Maybe if I had time, but this week’s track was fraught with a couple direction changes and less time to work on it, as well. I only really got to spend an hour listening to it for final mastering, and I fixed the most egregious problems, but the final mix still sounds rough to me.

But I did get a track mostly done, and that’s not a single mulligan so far, so that’s a good thing! Since this is the end of January, I basically have an extra mulligan in my pocket for Life And Things. I hope you enjoy this one, but I won’t be (very) disappointed if you don’t.

I don’t know what I will work on next. I’ve been leaning very melodic techno so far, so I’d like to get into some more prog house/trance concepts. The later park of this week was a rough one for me and I feel pretty tapped out, so I may start February on a mulligan. Maybe I’m just a little tired though, and the ideas will start to flow again. Stay tuned!

[DJ Wankery: 129 bpm, G minor, with hints of dominant Phrygian and blackberries (6A)]

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