Modal Melody and Harmony

So, I basically have three tracks done at this point (though you won’t hear the third until the Saturday unless you know where to look!) and so far I haven’t delved into any chromaticism or odd modes. Porlock uses Phrygian mode but that really doesn’t count as that song has relatively minimal melody and really no harmonic structure at all, as it was meant to be more of an exploration of rhythm than pitch.

The track to be released this Saturday will have more melodic and harmonic things going on along with some organic polymeter rhythm structure, so I’m starting to tie some theoretical concepts together. From a production standpoint, I’m learning to make better “big bass” sounds but I still feel my tracks are lacking some midrange brilliance and I’m trying to dial that in as well.

So my goal for the next track is to introduce a more off-the-beaten-track mode, keep the multi-layered rhythms going, and also introduce some harmonic and melodic complexity. Also, trying to get my track to have that “space” that I feel is lacking. I think I still suck at mastering, which is its own artform.

I have no idea what genre it will be or if it will be an upbeat or more chill track. I’m actually not feeling particularly well today, so more thought on that will be for another time.

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