Porlock [2022: 2/40]

Okay, 2 in a row! So far so good.

For this week’s track, I did something in sort of a darkish techno vibe. As promised, I did a little bit of playing with some polyrhythms, and additionally did most of that in a glitchy noisy percussion track over and above the predominant four on the floor rhythm. I’m pretty happy with the way the drums and percussive sounds work here. You can definitely bob your head to it, and yet the offset nature of the glitches I think really lends a lot of sonic interest to the track.

I’ve been running my tracks by some other aspiring producers, and got some good feedback on this one. If you were on my Discord you would be able to hear the first cut as well, before even I submit it for feedback. If you compare that first draft to the final piece here, you’ll find them much the same, but I changed the sound of some of the lead synth a bit. It was pretty much a universal opinion that it wasn’t quite the right sound for the general atmosphere of the track. It was bothering me too, but I was too close to it to be able to put my finger on it and having fresh ears always helps! I think it could still use some work in this form, but I think it’s closer than it was before. So a shoutout to the people over on the music feedback subreddit for helping me make this track better!

I hope you enjoy this track. I had a lot of fun making it, and overall I’m actually semi-satisfied with the results.

I’m going to continue the polyrhythmic exploration next week, but go in a different direction. I’m thinking a more downtempo thing, and little more organic. Traditional percussion, and some more melodic and harmonic context. Thinking of something along the lines of Mass Digital’s “The Light” which is such an amazing, haunting, and gorgeous track I’ve been listening to so much and have mixed in probably half a dozen of my DJ sets at this point.

[DJ Wankery: 127 bpm, key: F# minor, Phrygian (11A)]

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