Looking Back [2022: 1/40]

Okay, we’re off to the races with the first track, a sort of trancey/proggy throwback track. I started working on this track on New Year’s Day, with literally no concept of the project I would be venturing into just a week later.

I’m not a big new year’s resolution person, but it is a good time to reflect on the past and “recalibrate” for the lack of a better word. 2021 was not a good year for me. It started with political turmoil, and continued with the changing of the guard and a big layoff at work (I at least made the cut), an ER trip and subsequent hospital stay for a bad infection, the death of a beloved dog in July, and the unexpected death of my father in September.

The title reflects that looking back vibe in the sound, but the music remains hopeful, if guarded. The title wrote itself once I started thinking about what this track meant to me, and this entire project coalesced around the idea of what does looking forward mean?

[DJ Wankery: 129 bpm, key: C minor (5A)]

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